British Soap Awards 2015 – 5 Best Dressed!

Saturday night, the British Soap Awards took place. When I hear the word “award” I instantly think “Ooh nice dresses!”, so here are y 5 best dressed from the red carpet:

Nos Sadwrn, roedd y British Soap Awards yn cymryd lle. Pan dwi’n clywed y gair “awards” dwi’n meddwl yn syth “Www ffrogia’ del!”, felly dyma fy 5 hoff wisg o’r noson:

First up is Fiona Wade from Emmerdale wearing Zeynep Kartal. I love this dress, an unique take on a classic black ball gown.

Emmerdale’s Natalie Anderson wears Enais Chapman in a gorgeous neutural colour!

Nikki Sanderson looks stunning in her white lace dress!

Yn gyntaf mae Fiona Wade o Emmerdale, yn gwisgo Zeynep Kartal. Dwi’n hoff iawn o’r ffrog yma, sy’n tro unigryw ar ffrog ball arferol.

Enais Chapman sy’n cael ei wisgo gan Natalie Anderson o Emmerdale mewn lliw niwtral hyfryd.

Mae Nikki Sanderson yn edrych yn anhygoel yn ei ffrog gwyn lace!

Jasmine Armfield is barely recognisable in a very lovely one shoulder dress, totally different from her goth Eastenders character.

I’m sure Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Waring is channelling Frozen’s Elsa in this icy dress by Nadine Merabi. Even the  hair is Elsa-esque!

Mae Jasmine Armfield yn edrych yn wahanol iawn i’w chymeriad goth yn Eastenders mewn ffrogg prydferth goch.

Dwi’n siwr fod Stephanie Waring o Hollyoaks yn trio edrych fel Elsa o Frozen yn y ffrog hardd yma o Nadine Merabi. Mae hyd yn oed y gwalld yn Elsa-esque!

All pictures used in this post are from this website (click here).

Mae’r llunia o’r post yma yn dod o’r wefan yma (cliciwch yma).

New shoooes!

Purchasing new shoes has to be the best feeling ever, ignoring the small pang of guilt when you realise how much you’ve spent.

I’ve wanted a pair of similar shoes for quite a while, and I finally plucked out my credit card to snap them up!

Dwi’n meddwl mai prynnu ‘sgidia newydd ydi’r teimlad gora’ ‘rioed, ar wahan i’r euogrwydd ar ol sylwi faint dwi ‘di gwario.

Dwi wedi bod isio ‘sgidia tebyg ers oesoedd, a dwi wedi cael par o’r diwadd!


These are from ASOS, but I’ve had to stick some shoe gel things in from Primark for added support. I bought them to wear with this dress, also from ASOS. This is just a quick selfie, but I’ll put proper pictures up soon! 🙂

Mae’r ‘sgidia yma o ASOS, ond roedd rhaid i mi roi rhyw fath o gel o Primark ynddyn nhw er mwyn cael well ffit. Prynnais i’r ‘sgidia i fynd efo’r ffrog yma, hefyd o ASOS. Dim on selfie sydyn ‘di hwn, ond sydd llunia’ gwell i fyny yn o fuan! 🙂

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Helo! Enw fi ydi Cari, chwaer Llio, a dyma fy OOTD!

Hey! My name’s Cari, Llio’s sister, and here is my OOTD!

Dwi’n hoff iawn o’r siaced yma. Cefais hyd iddo mewn car boot sale ‘efo Mam!

Mae’r T-Shirt yn dod o F&F yn Tesco. Dwi’n hoff iawn o’r lliwiau pinc a piws. Dyma fy hoff liwiau!

Rhain yw fy hoff sandals o Sketchers. Prynnais i’r sandals yma ar fy ngwyliau yn York! Mae yna calonau bach aur ar yr ochr.

Ar ol gweld fi yn tynnu lluniau ar gyfer y blog, roedd fy chwaer fach Ela eisio ymuno hefyd! Dyma’r lluniau…

I love this denim jacket. I found it at a car boot sale with my Mum!

The T-shirt is from F&F at Tesco. I love the purple and pink colours. They’re my favourite colours!

These are my favourite sandals from Sketchers. I bought them when I was on holiday in York! There are small gold hearts on the side.

After seeing me taking pictures for this post, my little sister Ela wanted to join in too! Here are the pictures…

Met Gala 2015

The annual Met Gala has been and gone for another year and this year, in my opinion, was the best year ever in terms of the outfits. This year’s theme was China: Through the Looking Glass and the oriental-inspired dresses were simply amazing.

I’ve chosen my top 5 glamorous outfits from this year’s Gala:

Selena Gomez wearing Vera Wang. Can anyone wear white better than Selena here? I doubt it!

Cara Delevingne wearing fellow Brit Stella McCartney with gorgeous and very unique body paint. She also broke Anna Wintour’s no-selfie-ban, posing for a snap with Justin Bieber!

Bee Sheefer wearing a classic oriental themed Alexander McQueen gown, with colours complementing her skin tone very well.

Jennifer Lawrence wearing Dior Haute Couture. Let’s be honest, JLaw can wear anything and look stunning. 

Carey Mulligan wearing Balenciaga, looking very elegant and modern! 

Mae’r Met Gala blynyddol wedi bod a wedi mynd a, yn fy marn i, hwn oedd y flwyddyn gora’ o ran gwisgoedd. Y thema blwyddyn yma oedd China: Through the Looking Glass a roedd y dwyreiniol yn anhygoel.

Dwi wedi dewis fy 5 hoff wisg o’r gala:

Selena Gomez yn gwisgo Vera Wang. All rhywun wisgo gwyn yn well ‘na Selena ‘ma? Dwi’m yn meddwl!

Cara Delevingne yn gwisgo ac yn cefnogi cyd-Brydeiniwr Stella McCartney, gyda paent corff prydferth ac unigryw. Hefyd, wnaeth Cara dorri rheol dim selffi Anna Wintour, wrth dynnu llun gyda Justin Bieber!

Bee Sheffer yn gwisgo Alexander McQueen, gyda patrwm clasurol dwyreiniol.

Jennifer Lawrence yn gwisgo Dior Haute Couture. I fod yn onest, all JLaw wisgo unrhyw beth ac edrych yn wych.

Carey Mulligan yn gwisgo Balenciaga, yn edrych yn modern iawn!

Pictuers used above come from the Vogue website. Click here for more!

Daw’r lluniau a ddefnyddiwyd uchod o wefan Vogue. Cliciwch yma am fyw!

Taylor Swift and Shoooes!

Dwi’n ffan mawr o Taylor Swift a dwi’n ffan o sgidia’ hefyd. Felly, cymysgwch y ddau efo’i gilydd a be ‘da chi’n gael?

I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift and I’m also a fan of shoes. So, mix them together and what do you get?


Mae’r esgidiau yma yn cael eu gwneud gan Keds, sy’n noddi ei taith ‘The 1989 World Tour’. Mae nhw’n dod mewn mwy nag un steil, fel y 1989 Double Decker Slip On! Mae’r dyluniad uchod wedi cael ei ysbrydoli gan ei albwm ‘1989′, sydd wedi gwerthu 90,000 copis!

Fydd y sgidia’ ar gael mis yma ar wefan Keds ac ar wefan swyddogol Taylor.

These shoes are by Keds, the official sponsor of Taylor’s The 1989 World Tour. They come in different styles, like the 1989 Double Decker Slip On. The design above has been inspired by the 1989 album, which has sold 90,000 copies!

The shoes will be available this week on the Keds website and on Taylor’s official website

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Rituals Cosmetics!


A couple of weeks ago, guest blogger Maria from Universo Larita wrote about Rituals Cosmetics and a couple of days later I received a little present from my mum.. a Rituals Cosmetics box set!

I’m so glad I got to try these products for myself. They smell amazing and I love setting aside an evening to pamper myself!

The box set included the Good Luck Scrub, Fortune Oil, Touch of Happiness body cream and Happy Buddha foaming shower gel.

I really recommend trying them out for yourself! They’re an affordable treat, and a great gift for a friend! 

Vogue Festival 2015 round-up

After a lovely weekend in London, my feet are absolutely ruined…

The weekend started with a 3 hour 40 minute train journey to the capital, but being with my bestest friend ever the time flew! Before making our way towards the Royal College of Art, we headed towards Camden for lunch and a snoop around the market.

Fast forward a couple of hours and we’re at Vogue Festival, surrounded by the sounds of camera shutters and clipping heels. It was almost impossible to walk 30 seconds without walking through someone’s photos!

Upstairs, there was a Bobbi Brown make-up masterclass where I had a very glamorous smokey eye, which was actually my first smokey eye! 

Downstairs there was a nail bar, however the queue for this was 2 HOURS long.. So, instead of wasting 2 hours, after the festival I went out and bought nail varnish and did my own (Barry M’s Pit Stop)!

The following day involved Harrods and Zara, but I’m saving those purchases for other blog posts! 🙂

Coachella Style!

It’s that time of year again where we Brits sit at home with a cup of tea, sheltering from the rain, as we envy those living the true festival spirit at Coachella. Here, we have a good couple of months to wait before the festivals start, so Coachella is kind of a chance to prepare and gather inspo.

So, here is a selection of my fave boho festival styles from my Pinterest board, from nail art to flower crowns!

Click here for more!