New shoooes!

Purchasing new shoes has to be the best feeling ever, ignoring the small pang of guilt when you realise how much you’ve spent.

I’ve wanted a pair of similar shoes for quite a while, and I finally plucked out my credit card to snap them up!

Dwi’n meddwl mai prynnu ‘sgidia newydd ydi’r teimlad gora’ ‘rioed, ar wahan i’r euogrwydd ar ol sylwi faint dwi ‘di gwario.

Dwi wedi bod isio ‘sgidia tebyg ers oesoedd, a dwi wedi cael par o’r diwadd!


These are from ASOS, but I’ve had to stick some shoe gel things in from Primark for added support. I bought them to wear with this dress, also from ASOS. This is just a quick selfie, but I’ll put proper pictures up soon! 🙂

Mae’r ‘sgidia yma o ASOS, ond roedd rhaid i mi roi rhyw fath o gel o Primark ynddyn nhw er mwyn cael well ffit. Prynnais i’r ‘sgidia i fynd efo’r ffrog yma, hefyd o ASOS. Dim on selfie sydyn ‘di hwn, ond sydd llunia’ gwell i fyny yn o fuan! 🙂

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Taylor Swift and Shoooes!

Dwi’n ffan mawr o Taylor Swift a dwi’n ffan o sgidia’ hefyd. Felly, cymysgwch y ddau efo’i gilydd a be ‘da chi’n gael?

I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift and I’m also a fan of shoes. So, mix them together and what do you get?


Mae’r esgidiau yma yn cael eu gwneud gan Keds, sy’n noddi ei taith ‘The 1989 World Tour’. Mae nhw’n dod mewn mwy nag un steil, fel y 1989 Double Decker Slip On! Mae’r dyluniad uchod wedi cael ei ysbrydoli gan ei albwm ‘1989′, sydd wedi gwerthu 90,000 copis!

Fydd y sgidia’ ar gael mis yma ar wefan Keds ac ar wefan swyddogol Taylor.

These shoes are by Keds, the official sponsor of Taylor’s The 1989 World Tour. They come in different styles, like the 1989 Double Decker Slip On. The design above has been inspired by the 1989 album, which has sold 90,000 copies!

The shoes will be available this week on the Keds website and on Taylor’s official website

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New Shoes!

You know that feeling when you put new shoes on and suddenly everything is right?

So I’m on a family holiday this week in York, and the best thing about here is the best shops are a 3 minute drive away! You’ve got H&M, Topshop, River Island… And they’re all open until 8pm! I think I may have found heaven on Earth…

Anyway, I popped into H&M last night and I fell head over heels (get it?) for a cute pair of flats. It’s not often that I see flats and instantly need them, but these were an exception.

These are actually my first spotty item, and I love them! They were only £7.99, and there were a massive variety of flats. Maybe I’ll have to go back for some more…

Dwi ar gwyliau gyda’r teulu yn Efrog, a’r peth gora’ am y lle ydi mae yna lu o siopau 3 munud i ffwrdd! Mae ‘na H&M, Topshop, River Island… A mae nhw i gyd ar agor tan 8pm! Dwi’n meddwl dwi wedi dod ar draws nefoedd…

Beth bynnag, es i i H&M neithiwr a wnes i ddod ar draws par o esgidiau fflat ciwt yma, a dwi wrth fy modd gyda nhw!

Dim ond £7.99 oedden nhw ac roedd yna amrywiaeth mawr o esgidiau tebyg. Efallai fydd yn rhaid i mi fynd yn ol am fwy…

WISH LIST – River Island

Trying to whittle my wish list down to a select few took a whole afternoon, and three cups of green tea later I finally got down to seven.

ONE Black Art Print Sleeveless Maxi Dress

This is my perfect dress with my favourite mix of colours! 

TWO White Floral Print Waisted Dress

I love this style! It’s summery, without having to go all-out-girly with the cliche pastel shades.

THREE Black and White Floral Organza Lace Dress

One of the many stunning prints currently available at River Island!

FOUR Black Print Jersey Bandeau Dress

I might actually have to throw this into my virtual shopping cart…

FIVE Black Leather Quilted Biker Jacket

The ideal way to harden up a cute floral outfit

SIX Black Leather Asymmetric Court Shoes

I love this shoe, because it takes a court shoe but gives it a subtle twist with the asymmetric design.

SEVEN Blue Leather Court Shoes

I’ve always wanted to own a pair like these!

Too Many? I Say Not Enough

The outfit finisher: shoes!

I will always remember the first time I fell head over heels for a pair of.. heels. After trawling for hours around the Trafford Centre for the perfect heels for a Christmas Ball, I stumbled into Forever 21, feet aching and belly gasping to be fed. Then I saw them, the five inch beauties waiting to transform my stride from the tired shopper slouch into an elegant glide.

And that was it, I was hooked on shoes. 

There’s something about shoes that only a few will understand. When you shop, shoes remain in your peripheral vision for a while. You know they’re there and reassure yourself that you don’t have room for any more. You contemplate renting a storage unit. You shrug that idea off. You are not going to buy shoes. But maybe…? No, you came in for a light scarf and nothing more.

Then, at the till point, you realise they’re in your hand, glaring with satisfaction.

The following night is filled with guilt and convincing yourself that shoes are an investment, Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood said so! 

My advice for the friends and family of those who suffer from this severe shoe obsession is very, very simple… Just let us shop!