New shoooes!

Purchasing new shoes has to be the best feeling ever, ignoring the small pang of guilt when you realise how much you’ve spent.

I’ve wanted a pair of similar shoes for quite a while, and I finally plucked out my credit card to snap them up!

Dwi’n meddwl mai prynnu ‘sgidia newydd ydi’r teimlad gora’ ‘rioed, ar wahan i’r euogrwydd ar ol sylwi faint dwi ‘di gwario.

Dwi wedi bod isio ‘sgidia tebyg ers oesoedd, a dwi wedi cael par o’r diwadd!


These are from ASOS, but I’ve had to stick some shoe gel things in from Primark for added support. I bought them to wear with this dress, also from ASOS. This is just a quick selfie, but I’ll put proper pictures up soon! 🙂

Mae’r ‘sgidia yma o ASOS, ond roedd rhaid i mi roi rhyw fath o gel o Primark ynddyn nhw er mwyn cael well ffit. Prynnais i’r ‘sgidia i fynd efo’r ffrog yma, hefyd o ASOS. Dim on selfie sydyn ‘di hwn, ond sydd llunia’ gwell i fyny yn o fuan! 🙂

P.S. There’s still plenty of time to take part in my competition! CLICK HERE for more details!

P.S. Mae digon o amser i cymryd rhan yn y gystadleuaeth! CLICIWCH YMA am fwy o fanylion!

Helo! Enw fi ydi Cari, chwaer Llio, a dyma fy OOTD!

Hey! My name’s Cari, Llio’s sister, and here is my OOTD!

Dwi’n hoff iawn o’r siaced yma. Cefais hyd iddo mewn car boot sale ‘efo Mam!

Mae’r T-Shirt yn dod o F&F yn Tesco. Dwi’n hoff iawn o’r lliwiau pinc a piws. Dyma fy hoff liwiau!

Rhain yw fy hoff sandals o Sketchers. Prynnais i’r sandals yma ar fy ngwyliau yn York! Mae yna calonau bach aur ar yr ochr.

Ar ol gweld fi yn tynnu lluniau ar gyfer y blog, roedd fy chwaer fach Ela eisio ymuno hefyd! Dyma’r lluniau…

I love this denim jacket. I found it at a car boot sale with my Mum!

The T-shirt is from F&F at Tesco. I love the purple and pink colours. They’re my favourite colours!

These are my favourite sandals from Sketchers. I bought them when I was on holiday in York! There are small gold hearts on the side.

After seeing me taking pictures for this post, my little sister Ela wanted to join in too! Here are the pictures…

WISH LIST – River Island

Trying to whittle my wish list down to a select few took a whole afternoon, and three cups of green tea later I finally got down to seven.

ONE Black Art Print Sleeveless Maxi Dress

This is my perfect dress with my favourite mix of colours! 

TWO White Floral Print Waisted Dress

I love this style! It’s summery, without having to go all-out-girly with the cliche pastel shades.

THREE Black and White Floral Organza Lace Dress

One of the many stunning prints currently available at River Island!

FOUR Black Print Jersey Bandeau Dress

I might actually have to throw this into my virtual shopping cart…

FIVE Black Leather Quilted Biker Jacket

The ideal way to harden up a cute floral outfit

SIX Black Leather Asymmetric Court Shoes

I love this shoe, because it takes a court shoe but gives it a subtle twist with the asymmetric design.

SEVEN Blue Leather Court Shoes

I’ve always wanted to own a pair like these!

Motel Rocks actually… rocks

Hardly ever I come across a site and think I WANT IT ALL but Motel Rocks… I love it!

After months of dwindling over the thought of indulging myself in Motel’s unique gorgeousness, I might have squealed when I saw that Topshop in Oxford Street in London actually stock Motel Rocks. One thing that was stopping me from buying online was the sizes, so here was my chance to try them on, finally!

But, being on a spending strike, I peeled myself away from my new best friends… And then went online and bought a Motel dress anyway…


 And wore it out straight away (had to show it off, didn’t I?)


My next Motel purchase is fast approaching. I’ve been eyeing up and saving for a certain bag for a while…

So, when will you give in to the temptation of Motel Rocks??