Motel Rocks actually… rocks

Hardly ever I come across a site and think I WANT IT ALL but Motel Rocks… I love it!

After months of dwindling over the thought of indulging myself in Motel’s unique gorgeousness, I might have squealed when I saw that Topshop in Oxford Street in London actually stock Motel Rocks. One thing that was stopping me from buying online was the sizes, so here was my chance to try them on, finally!

But, being on a spending strike, I peeled myself away from my new best friends… And then went online and bought a Motel dress anyway…


 And wore it out straight away (had to show it off, didn’t I?)


My next Motel purchase is fast approaching. I’ve been eyeing up and saving for a certain bag for a while…

So, when will you give in to the temptation of Motel Rocks??

Gadael Ymateb

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