Vogue Festival 2015 round-up

After a lovely weekend in London, my feet are absolutely ruined…

The weekend started with a 3 hour 40 minute train journey to the capital, but being with my bestest friend ever the time flew! Before making our way towards the Royal College of Art, we headed towards Camden for lunch and a snoop around the market.

Fast forward a couple of hours and we’re at Vogue Festival, surrounded by the sounds of camera shutters and clipping heels. It was almost impossible to walk 30 seconds without walking through someone’s photos!

Upstairs, there was a Bobbi Brown make-up masterclass where I had a very glamorous smokey eye, which was actually my first smokey eye! 

Downstairs there was a nail bar, however the queue for this was 2 HOURS long.. So, instead of wasting 2 hours, after the festival I went out and bought nail varnish and did my own (Barry M’s Pit Stop)!

The following day involved Harrods and Zara, but I’m saving those purchases for other blog posts! 🙂

Gadael Ymateb

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