VIDEO Models Own Sticky Fingers!


Models Own are my most fave nail varnish brand ever (as I always mention) and Pastel Petals from their Sticky Fingers collection is perfect for a spring summer look!

With this polish you get floral stickers to stick onto a lime green background. The polish itself is so cute to wear without the stickers too!

Have a look at the video below for pics of thr polish.

The song in the video is Byw i’r Funud by Dyfrig Evans 🙂

Models Own yw fy hoff frand o paent gweinedd (fel dwi bob tro’n sôn) ac mae Pastel Petals o’r casgliad Sticky Fingers yn berffaith ar gyfer y gwanwyn a’r hâf!

Efo’r paent yma ‘da chi’n cael sticeri blodeuog i’w sticio ar gefndir gwyrdd gola’. Mae lliw y paent yn ddel iawn i’w wisgo heb y sticeri hefyd!

Cymerwch olwg ar y fideo isod i gael golwg ar y paent.

Y gân yn y fideo yw Byw i’r Funud gan Dyfrig Evans.

Coachella Style!

It’s that time of year again where we Brits sit at home with a cup of tea, sheltering from the rain, as we envy those living the true festival spirit at Coachella. Here, we have a good couple of months to wait before the festivals start, so Coachella is kind of a chance to prepare and gather inspo.

So, here is a selection of my fave boho festival styles from my Pinterest board, from nail art to flower crowns!

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