Coachella Style!

It’s that time of year again where we Brits sit at home with a cup of tea, sheltering from the rain, as we envy those living the true festival spirit at Coachella. Here, we have a good couple of months to wait before the festivals start, so Coachella is kind of a chance to prepare and gather inspo.

So, here is a selection of my fave boho festival styles from my Pinterest board, from nail art to flower crowns!

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speedy mani!

The gorgeous colours of Barry M’s Speedy Quick Dry collection caught my eye straight away! And it realy does dry in ‘lightning speed’!

With ‘Eat My Dust’, I got a perfect spring shade mani without the burden of having to sit for aaaages for the paint to dry. It also has a flat brush, which I haven’t seen in Barry M before. It makes application super easy and fast!

Now, to collect the other shades.. How about ‘Lap of Honour’…

Cefais fy nenu gan y lliwiau deniadol casgliad Speedy Quick Dry Barry M yn syth!

Gyda ‘Eat My Dust’, cefais y mani perffaith heb orfod eistedd am oria yn disgwl i’r paent sychu. Mae ganddo brwsh fflat hefyd, rhywbeth nad ydw i wedi gweld  gyda Barry M o’r blaen. Mae hyn yn gwneud paentio yn lot fwy rhwydd!

Rwan, rhaid casglu’r lliwiau eraill.. Beth am ‘Lap of Honour’…

Rimmel Mani!

Rimmel nail polish. Need I say more?

I’ve been looking for a grey shade for a while, but couldn’t find any ANYWHERE. I know, it’s not too spring-like, but something told me I needed to find one and try it out!

And then I found ‘Moon’, a polish from the Salon Pro collection by Kate Moss. With a lovely glossy finish, it serves to be a very sophisticated look and I’m so glad that I went on the hunt for it!

Paent gweinedd Rimmel. Oes rhaid i mi ddweud mwy?

‘Dwi wedi bod yn edrych am baent gewinedd llwyd ers oes, ond methu dod o hyd i ddim yn lan byd. Dwi’n gwybod, tydi llwyd ddim yn liw gwanwynnaidd iawn, ond roedd rhywbeth yn dweud wrthai bod RHAID i mi ddod o hyd i un!

Yna, wnes i ddod ar draws ‘Moon’ o gasgliad Salon Pro gan Kate Moss. Mae’n sgleiniog iawn ar ol iddo sychu, ac mae’n rhoi edrychiad soffistigedig iawn, felly dwi’n falch iawn fy mod i wedi bod yn chwilio amdano!

spring nails – Models Own’s DOVE


Spring has very nearly arrived, and what better way to get spring-trend-ready than with a quick mani?

Models Own is my absolute favourite nail varnish brand, and their Speckled Eggs collection throws a little spin on the traditional spring shades. I only own one from this collection (so far), and it’s called ‘Dove’. The pretty pastel colour is perfect to entice you out of your winter sweats!

Mae’r gwanwyn bron a chyrraedd, a pa ffordd gwell i ddathlu ‘na gyda mani?

Fy hoff frand paent gewinedd i yw Models Own, a mae eu casgliad Speckled Eggs yn rhoi tro unigryw ar lliwiau traddodiadol y gwanwyn. Dim ond un o’r casgliad yma sydd gen i (hyd yn hyd!) a’i enw yw ‘Dove’. Mae’r lliw pastel prydferth yn siwr o godi unrhyw calon ar ol y gaeaf!