LFW – J JS Lee

Since finishing her studies at Central Saint Martins, receiving an MA in Womenswear, Jacke JS Lee has showcased many collections at London Fashion Week. I always look forward to seeing her newest designs, and today was no exception.

Eagerly awaiting by my laptop with the live stream on full screen, I think back on how her past collections have served as inspiration for me. I love how she can only use a select colour palette time after time, yet deliver something new. 

As the room fell dark and silent, the first model entered. With a pixie bowl hairstyle and the classic red lip, the first outfit of LFW did not disapoint.

A persistent feature in this collection was a draw-string effect, which I loved! Gorgeous pale pink fur also graced the catwalk, with the odd shocking pink feature on the dark, black garments.

cyfweliad – Y Reu

Wrth dderbyn atebion y cwestiynnau yma gan Math o’r band o Gaernarfon, Y Reu, nesh i ista mewn ffit o giggles am riw 10 munud go dda.. A’r peth cynta’ i ddod i ‘mhen i? Ma’r bois yma cwl a dwisho mynd am beint neu ddau efo nw! Wedi cael eu cynnwys yn rhestr caneuon 10 Uchaf 2014 ar wefan Golwg360, mae’r band yn diddanu’r Cymry gyda’u swn unigryw iawn. 

Cliciwch yma i wrando ar ychydig o’u caneuon!


Sut wnaethoch chi ddod o hyd i enw’r band?
Odda ni angen enw a “Reu” yw’r gair orau erioed. Ffaith.

Os fysa chi’n cael y cyfle i berfformio ar unrhyw lwyfan yn y byd, lle fysa chi isho perfformio?
Sa rwla tha Red Rocks yn quality.

Beth ydi’r darn o gyngor gora’ yda chi erioed wedi ei gael?
“F**k b****es, get money.” (B.Smalls, 1995)

Beth oedd y neges destun ddwytha i chi yrru?
Yr emoji na o pw yn gwenu

Beth ydi’r gig gora’ da chi erioed wedi ei wneud?
Probably’r ymarferion da ni’n cael yn fy nhy i o flaen y gath lle da ni’n chwarae bob dim yn berffaith cyn dechra ar y cwrw a messio bob dim fyny ar y llwyfan!

Pwy yw eich ysbrydoliaeth?
Tomos Williams. Boi da, boi sesh.

Oes gennych chi unrhyw ‘secret talents’?
Dwi’n rili dda yn twyllo pobol i fewn i feddwl bo fi’n gallu chwarae gitar i safon.

Beth yw eich hoff musical?
Dwi’n casau musicals!

Beth yw eich hoff gan i ganu ar karaoke?
Does ginai’m hoff gan i ganu ar karaoke rili, ma’n dibynu ar be ma’r jagermeister yn ddewis y noson yna.

Mae Haf/Darnau Bach ar gael ar iTunes nawr!


When I received the answers from Math, Y Reu frontman, to the questions I sent him, I sat in a fit of giggles for a good 10 minutes… And the first thought that came to my head? These boys are cool and I’d love to go out for a drink or three with them! Having been included in Golwg360’s top 10 singles for 2014, Y Reu are entertaining the Welsh population with their very unique sound.

Click here to listen to some of their songs!

How did youcome up with the name of the band?
needed a name and “Reu” is the best word ever. Fact.

you could perform on any stage in the world, where would it be?

like Red Rocks would be quality.

is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

b****es, get money.” (B.Smalls, 1995)

was the last text you sent?

emoji of the smiling poo 

the best gig you’ve ever done?

the practise we do in my house infront of the cat where we play everything
perfectly before starting on the beer and messing everything up on stage!

is your inspiration?

Williams. Boi da, boi sesh.

you have any secret talents?

really good at making people believe that I can play the guitar to a good

is your favourite musical?

I hate

is your favourite song to sing on karaoke?

I don’t
have a favourite song to sing on karaoke really, it depends on what the
jagermeister chooses on the night.

Haf/Darnau Bach is available on iTunes now!

Pretty Timekeeper


This addition has been in my accessories collection for a couple of months now. I call it a timekeeper because ‘watch’ or ‘clock’ simply doesn’t suit it. I think ‘timekeeper’ goes with it’s vintage charm better, so ‘timekeeper’ it shall be.

I bought my gem from a stall at Clothes Show Live and I wore my timekeeper the minute I bought it. Until that moment I never realized how handy watches are! When I want to know the time, I look at my phone, which is usually deep in my bag under all the things I don’t need but are there just in case. But now, I can simply look down and there it is! I’m not keen on watches as I find them clumpy and awkward, but this is just perfect.

The best part about this trinket is that it goes with nearly every outfit! I wear a lot of dark colours, so it’s ideal. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more!

things that make me smile #1 – sneaky photos


My little sister has a habit of stealing my phone and taking sneaky pictures. Although they clog up my phone memory, I love looking at what she’s captured and picking out the hidden gems, like this picture of my boyfriend and I. 

Of course, some sneaky pictures are not appreciated as much, like nostrils and feet close ups!

Mae gan fy chwaer fach tuedd i ddwyn fy ffon a tynnu lluniau slei. Er eu bod yn llenwi’r cof, dwi’n hoffi edrych ar beth mae hi wedi ei dynnu a pigo allan y goreuon, fel y llun yma o fi a ‘nghariad.

Wrth gwrs, dydi pob llun ddim yn cael ei werthfawrogi gymaint, fel lluniau agos o ffroenau a traed!