Pretty Timekeeper


This addition has been in my accessories collection for a couple of months now. I call it a timekeeper because ‘watch’ or ‘clock’ simply doesn’t suit it. I think ‘timekeeper’ goes with it’s vintage charm better, so ‘timekeeper’ it shall be.

I bought my gem from a stall at Clothes Show Live and I wore my timekeeper the minute I bought it. Until that moment I never realized how handy watches are! When I want to know the time, I look at my phone, which is usually deep in my bag under all the things I don’t need but are there just in case. But now, I can simply look down and there it is! I’m not keen on watches as I find them clumpy and awkward, but this is just perfect.

The best part about this trinket is that it goes with nearly every outfit! I wear a lot of dark colours, so it’s ideal. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more!