When I browse Tobi’s website, I ALWAYS want something. 

Pan dwi’n edrych trwy gwefan Tobi dwi eisiau pob dim!

1 Top Savior Cardigan

When those summer nights get cold, this cardigan is perfect to keep warm and it will 100% compliment your outfit, whatever it is!

Pan mae nosweithiau’r haf yn dechrau oeri, mae’r gardigan yma yn berffaith i gadw’n gynnes!

2 Buckle Me Down Dress

This dress is available in a range of colours, but black is my favourite! Ye, it might be bra-awkward, but it’s still gorgeous!

Er fod y ffrog yma ar gael mewn amryw o liwiau, du yw fy ffefryn i!

3 To The Point Top

Black, again… But it’s so versatile! You can dress it up and dress it down!

Du, eto… Ond mae’n aml-bwrpas iawn!

4 Cool Autumn Nights Jacket

Autumn might have come and gone, but I think this would be easily rocked on spring-time nights out too!

Do, mae’r hydref wedi bod, ond dwi’n meddwl fod y siaced yma’n gallu cael ei wisgo allan yn y gwanwyn hefyd!

5 Somedays Lovin Insightful Wool Coat

This colour is so so rich and punches your average pastel-ridden spring wardrobe in the face

Mae’r lliw yma mor gyfoethog!

6 Dreams Of Paradise Dress

This dress makes me want to be on a beach-side bar with an endless supply of cocktails…

Mae’r ffrog yma yn gwneud i mi eisiau bod ar lan y mor gyda nifer fawr o goctels…

7 More To Love Top

Barlet tops aren’t really my thing.. But overlayed with lace, it’s perfect, especially complimented with this skirt! I need this outfit!

Tydw i ddim yn hoff iawn o tops barlet.. Ond gyda lace drosto, mae’n berffaith. Yn enwedig gyda’r sgert! Dwi angen y gwisg yma!