Diwrnod 3 :)

Mae’n diwrnod 3 o fy ‘100 Happy Days’, a heddiw es i am drio hir iawn i lan y mor. Gyda’r tywydd perffaith a golygfa bendigedig, mae’n anodd credu mai yng Nghymru dwi’n byw!

It’s day 3 of my 100 Happy Days, and today I went for a long walk to the beach. With the perfect weather and a fantastic view, it’s hard to believe that this is Wales!

Big Sister Tip #3 – Keep Going

This week Cari and I climbed to the top of Holyhead Mountain, and both of us learned an under-rated life lesson; just keep going.

While we got lost several times, took the wrong paths and had no idea if we were even close to the peak, we made it. We pushed each other along. I was spurred on by the idea of teaching Cari that, in any situation, if you give up you will never know what you might have experienced and eventually, we made it.

The view of our island can’t be put into words. Seeing the place we grew up from up high was so worth the long walk in the rare hot sun.

Big Sister Tip #3: Just keep going. When you’ve worked so so hard for something, ask yourself if it really is worth giving up? Could you be just around the corner from reaching you goal?

And smile, always.