Mynydd Parys

After being
to Aughton, I went back home to Anglesey and to another location with a sinister
feel. Mynydd Parys is an old copper mine and at one time it was the world’s
main source for copper.

Having been
taken aback by the stunning, bright yet dull colours, you’re left in on an
abandoned mine, alone.

I used the
same method as in New York and Snapchatted my visit to emphasise the contrast
between the two places.

The words
used are those from Gwenlyn Parry’s drama “Y Twr”, which translates as ‘The
Tower’. In the drama, we experience the life of a young woman and a young man going
through life together and in each act they climb up one level of the tower. In
each act they’re older – in the first they’re young, in the second they’re
middle aged and in the final act they are an old couple. In Mynydd Parys there
is a similar tower and since reading the drama as a teenager, I’ve always
imagined that that is the tower the couple lived in.


The whole thing went so fast


Come on.. Hand in hand..

We’ll go up together


We have to climb

We have no choice

Gadael Ymateb

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