July ‘15 Wish List!

Don’t you just hate having soooo many clothes you want to buy but soooo little wardrobe space? So what better way to satisfy the urge to buy than to compile a wish list, hmm?


1. Rather Be Yatching Lil Bro Tee

2. I’m a Luxury Goonies Sweater

3. I’m Somebody’s Favorite Harbor Hoodie

Wildfox is my latest discovery, and I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to find it! The vintage-inspired brand has the most perfect products, they’re flawless and I want it all!


4. Romina Cold Shoulder Dress in Black

5. Annie A Line Skirt in Santorini Berry

6. Garla Slip Dress in Elephant Multi

7. Conan Cami Top in Debbie Stripe Black and White

Motel Rocks has a totally different style and that style is consistent in every garment, however every piece is totally unique. Does that even make sense? Basically, I love Motel Rocks!


8. Urban Outfitters Turquoise Contrast Ringer Tee

9. Urban Outfitters Green Geo Print Pleated Mini Skirt

10. BDG Washed Stripe Skinny Tee in Blue

Urban Outfitters’ 70s collection is the most aesthetically pleasing collection I’ve ever seen!  If I thought I could pull any of the garments off, I would be all over it.

Gadael Ymateb

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